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There are 29 possible endings in I Was A Teenage Exocolonist. Achieving all endings unlocks the All Possible Selves achievement. Some endings are mutually exclusive, and some can be achieved together in a single lifetime. Generally, special endings are exclusive to each other, and career endings are exclusive to each other. However, endings can often be combined across categories, such as Peace on Vertumna and Explorer occurring together.

Special Endings[edit | edit source]

Colony Destroyed

Destroy the Array

Join the Gardeners

Life on Earth

Peace on Vertumna

Ran Away

Stratospheric Destroyed

Tangent's Cure

Transcended Time

Career Endings[edit | edit source]

Career endings often have two branches, one for high loyalty and one for high rebellion. Career endings are calculated based on times your character participated in two required activities and level of skill connected to ending.

Career Ending Requirment Required activity1 Required activity2 Skill
Architect N/A Work Construction Study Engineering Toughness
Astronaut Friendship with Vace 50+ Survey the Ridge Study Engineering Bravery
Athlete N/A Sportsball N/A Toughness
Botanist N/A Research Xebotany Study Life Sciences Biology
Collector Don't fulfil requirements for

Peace on Vertumna ending

Survey the Ridge Forage the Valley Organization
Doctor N/A Assist in the Medbay Study Life Sciences Empathy
Entertainer Help Rex build Bar Barista Practice your Photophonor Bravery
Explorer N/A Survey the Plains Explore Nearby Perception
Farmer N/A Work on the Farm Shovel the Dirt Biology
Governor Overthrow Lum and have

high relationship with Marz

N/A N/A Persuasion
Hero (Military) Don't fulfil requirements for

Peace on Vertumna ending

Guard Duty Lookout Duty Combat
Hobbyist Don't full fill requirements for

Rebel ending

Relaxing at any location N/A N/A
Hunter Don't fulfil requirements for

Peace on Vertumna ending

Hunt in the Swamp Defense Training Combat
Lawyer N/A Assisting the Governor Humanities Classes Persuasion
Merchant Work in the Depot Deliver supplies Organization
Novelist N/A Assisting the Governor Humanities Classes Creativity
Professor N/A Tutor children Humanities Classes Reasoning
Prolific Parent When asked say you want to have

a lot of children

Babysitting Cooking Empathy
Rancher N/A Tend the Animals Relax at the Park Animals
Rebel N/A N/A N/A Rebellion
Roboticist N/A Repair robots Engineering Classes Engineering

Tips:[edit | edit source]

  • A specific career ending cannot be acquired without working the specified job at least 5 times.
  • The high persuasion check required of Governor can be passed by wearing stat-increasing gear.