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Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

The Exocolonist soundtrack was mastered by A Shell In The Pit, and produced in conjunction with Nortway Games. The album features cover art by Meilee Chao, showing Sol playing the photophonor in front of shooting stars.

It is available for purchase or streaming on Bandcamp. It can be bought on Steam as a bundle with the Exocolonist artbook. It can also be streamed on YouTube. The youtube stream features unique animations of Sol sitting at a desk, similar to the LoFi Beats illustration.

Track Artists[edit | edit source]

Artist Track
A Shell in the Pit Exocolonist Theme Redux
C418 Quiet
Pongball Pollen
  1. scntfc - Dust
  2. Handpan Journey - Childhoods Memory
  3. Jogging House - Bloom
  4. Jake Gauntlett - Woven
  5. Crooked Walking - Motion II (Full Soundtrack Version)
  6. Jogging House - Reeds (Full Soundtrack Version)
  7. Handpan Journey - Teens Bravery
  8. Jogging House - Gardens
  9. Crooked Walking - Forest Pictures in the Adirondacks
  10. A Shell in the Pit - Vertumnalia
  11. Gabriel Koenig - Stars at Sunrise
  12. sintecta - Becoming
  13. Jake Gauntlett - Glass
  14. Crooked Walking - Inland, gray
  15. Jogging House - Wounds
  16. Handpan Journey - Adulthoods Serenity
  17. Crooked Walking - Haus
  18. Jogging House - Instincts (Full Soundtrack Version)
  19. Colin Northway - Laser Teeth
  20. Al Rupert Espen - Uendelig (Full Soundtrack Version)
  21. Jogging House - Pines (Full Soundtrack Version)
  22. Frances Aravel - The Child You Were (Full Soundtrack Version)
  23. A Shell in the Pit - Exocolonist Title Theme
  24. Em Halberstadt - Hum